How to write a resume tips

How to write a resume tips

Tips on how to write a resume that will increase your chances of getting the position.

How to Become An Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are trained to perform a wide variety of office tasks. And sometimes these jobs can be stepping stones to higher positions. But to get that initial job you have to take an administrative assistants course from an approved provider. Being well prepared will improve your chances of getting a position. A well written resume with cover letter and being prepared to answer any type of interview questions will help put you ahead of the other administrative assistant applicants.

Administrative Assistant Job Description

When considering a position as an administrative assistant, it is a good idea to have some idea of what the duties pertaining to such a position would entail. An administrative assistant is the nexus of the office, coordinating schedules, orchestrating the day-to-day, and keeping track of the myriads of ongoing projects. To be an effective administrative assistant [...]

How To Write An Administrative Assistant Resume

Obtaining a job as an administrative assistant is a smart move in today's economy. Sales positions may come and go, but administrative assistants will always be in demand. An administrative assistant may be a great "stepping-stone" job right out of college, or it may be the end goal of an employment search, but either way, knowing how to [...]


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