Administrative Assistant Job Description

When considering a position as an administrative assistant, it is a good idea to have some idea of what the duties pertaining to such a position would entail. An administrative assistant is the nexus of the office, coordinating schedules, orchestrating the day-to-day, and keeping track of the myriads of ongoing projects. To be an effective administrative assistant, it is vital to possess extraordinary multi-tasking abilities, be extremely organized, and be able to remain on task within strict time guidelines. In addition to these skills, an administrative assistant must maintain a professional demeanor and appearance, as he or she is likely the first view of the company that a prospective client may have.

A good administrative assistant is helpful, knowledgeable about the workings of the company, and has a network of helpful contacts on hand should any questions arise. Some duties that may be in the scope of an administrative assistant’s position may include scheduling and booking conferences (including lodging and air transportation), maintaining professional licenses, organizing and scheduling the daily activities and meetings of the manager,  and acting as the point person for all service people, suppliers, and clients.  He or she may also be responsible for collecting and entering data pertaining to the time cards of other employees, and liaison with payroll to ensure timely delivery.

There are some skills and vital character attributes that are non-negotiable if one would like to pursue a career as an administrative assistant. A good phone demeanor is a must, as most administrative assistants act as a switchboard to incoming calls, connecting the parties as needed. A cheerful, professional attitude must be projected at all times, with the capacity to separate work life from home life. A good administrative assistant must put the needs of the employer first and foremost, always above his or her own.

The ability to work well in a group setting, and understand the levels of hierarchy present in a company or corporation are equally important qualities for an administrative assistant to possess. Excellent, error-free typing skills are an absolute must, as is facility with many common computer programs and operating systems, including the Microsoft Office suite. Some companies may require the use of a typewriter, so familiarity with a typewriter would be a bonus. Operating other office equipment, such as a copier, fax machine and a printer are all well within the scope of an administrative assistant’s position, so it would be wise to be prepared. A firm grasp of the English language is key, both in speaking and writing, and the capacity for multi-tasking also would be extremely beneficent.

One of the tasks that would probably be in the administrative assistant job description would be the control and distribution of stockroom inventory. For this task, it would be necessary to have excellent rapport with suppliers, as well as the capacity to find the best prices for common materials. Careful inventory of the stockroom supplies should be maintained at all times, so organization and meticulous attention to detail are required.

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