Being An Administrative Assistant

Having a job title of being an administrative assistant sounds extremely professional and fit for the actual job that it calls for. Whether you are called an administrative assistant, secretary, receptionist, executive secretary, executive administrator, marketing assistant, sales assistant or any other variations of being an administrative assistant, the general tasks that you would be performing are all similar and may only differ with the kind of department you are
working for (ie.sales, human resource or marketing).

Key Points Of Being An Administrative Assistant

There are three main points that best characterize the job of an administrative assistant. They are the following:

1. Activities relating to being an administrative assistant have the largest number of job openings world wide.
2. These job call for adept and extensive knowledge on computer program applications and organizational skills.
3. There is a growing trend for administrative assistants to assume more and more of the work that was once exclusive to managerial staff.

Nature And Overview Of Work

Through the years the nature of an administrative assistant’s work has greatly evolved. Because of technological advancements and automation of many tasks, administrative assistants now assume some of the work that were once exclusive to managers. But beyond that fact, their general work or the general nature of their work have remained unchanged and that is coordinating a work place’s technical activities through organizing, storing, retrieving, and dissemination of information to staffs and clients.

They perform several administrative and clerical duties necessary to optimize and organize an office efficiently. They communicate with other staffs and clients; plan and schedule meetings and appointments; store and retrieve data files may it be on paper or electronic platform; manage some projects; do some research; spread information to concerned entities through telephone, e-mail, and different websites.

They use a variety of equipments at work such as photocopiers, fax machines, scanners, and other video conference and telephone systems. They even create spreadsheets, compose mails, manage database and create presentations or reports.

There are a lot of tasks that are associated with an administrative assistant. They are crucial in an office since they are the ones who optimize the work of the whole system. They also make the collective tasks of everyone in the office much more easier. There are a lot of variations on the tasks of an administrative assistant but the core principle of their works lie on them being able to perform tasks that will make the technical work of their employers easy. They also contribute on the technical cohesion of the workplace through dissemination of information to everyone.

Workplace And Work Requirements

They usually work in schools, hospitals, corporate offices, hotels, resorts, government workplaces, and other legal, medical or utilitarian offices. Virtual assistants on the other hand work at home. The jobs of these professionals often require sitting for long periods of time. They spend most of their time in front of the computer and keyboard to edit some files, create spreadsheet reports and slide show presentations for business meetings. They usually work a standard 40-hour week period unless they work on a part time basis. Virtual assistants on the other hand work also at the standard 40 hours but can be negotiated depending on the decision of the employer. They should also know a lot of things about computer applications, word processing programs, or image enhancing digital programs.

Skill Set of An Administrative Assistant

Many of the skills required to become an administrative assistant are learned while taking an approved course. Some of these include keyboarding, computers, working with various types of software like word processors and spreadsheets, organizing and filing and email and phone etiquette. Administrative assistants also have to be able to pay close attention to detail. Some of the skills that are harder to learn and come more easily to some that others are good people skill, being friendly and easy to get along with.

Becoming an administrative assistant can be a long and rewarding occupation that could lead to higher career aspirations.

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