How To Write an Administrative Assistant Resume

Obtaining a job as an administrative assistant is a smart move in today’s economy. Sales positions may come and go, but administrative assistants will always be in demand. An administrative assistant may be a great “stepping-stone” job right out of college, or it may be the end goal of an employment search, but either way, knowing how to write an administrative assistant resume that stands out from all of the other applicants is the key to obtaining the job.

There are several steps to take in order to write a eye-catching resume. Firstly, consider the parameters of the job to be applied for. Carefully phrase descriptions of past employment history to reflect qualities desirable in the desired position of an administrative assistant. For instance, if one had worked briefly as a camp counselor, the key words to highlight in a description of the post may be “group-oriented”, “highly organized”, and “excellent communication skills”. In the same manner, play up any non-paying internships and volunteer hours, especially if they pertain to the position that one would like to obtain.

Administrative assistants are in a unique position in that they must  anticipate the needs of whomever they are assisting, but must also be the authoritative hand behind the curtain, orchestrating most of the day. Necessary skills to accomplish such duality include a respect for authority, as well as the capability to multi-task, be orderly, and be motivated. In order to convey one’s facility with these different aspects of the desired job, try to flesh out descriptions of past employment with descriptive phrases such as  “Worked closely under….”, and “corroborated with the head of ….”, along with “coordinated group efforts at….”, and “kept meticulous minutes for…”, for example. Keep it highly organized, and use a professional tone. Do not use slang or conjunctions, as these convey sloppiness and carelessness.

In terms of education levels and particular skills, some helpful standard ones to include in an administrative assistant resume would be speed of typing (without errors), facility with a variety of programs such as the Microsoft Office suite, and a penchant for organization.  The particular company that one is applying for may value other skills, but character traits like “neatness”, “attention to detail”, and “a methodical nature” can be inferred from a resume by checking for errors in formatting in such a document. For this reason, it is vital to spell check and re-check before submitting an administrative assistant resume. Other important qualities such as a “cheerful demeanor”, a “pleasing appearance (an administrative assistant is often the first view of a company an outsider has), and “punctuality” can only be guessed at until an interview, but can be implied by the phrasing that is chosen, whether or not it is controversial or overly self-congratulatory.

It may be tempting to “pad” an administrative assistant resume with exaggerations, or even down-right lies. This is a mistake. Employers are aggressive about researching potential hires, as the market is glutted with people desperate for work. It is best to remain professional and be honest about skills and education levels, and let the resume and (hopefully) subsequent interview speak for themselves.

Writing a resume can be a daunting task, but one written properly may be the ticket to an exciting career filled with opportunities.  To help you write a stellar resume, we have provided a sample administrative assistant resume.

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